Session on Parsed Corpora

The building of syntactically annotated (or “parsed”) corpora is a rapidly growing area of research activity in linguistics. The most well-known for syntacticians working in the generative tradition are the Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical English (Kroch & Taylor 2000; Kroch, Santorini, & Diertani 2004; Kroch, Santorini, & Diertani 2010), and there are other well-known Germanic parsed corpora. However, the rapidly growing body of Germanic parsed corpora should not detract from the fact that there have been equally important developments in parsed corpora in Romance. LSRL43 will be highlighting these developments by holding a Special Session on Parsed Corpora of Romance Languages. The session will be on the morning of Thursday April 18, 9:00am-12:30pm, and will be a Plenary event, so that all conference participants will have the opportunity to learn about some of the most exciting advances in syntax which are based on these very recently created and innovative tools. It will include a mix of presentations on both historical and synchronic parsed corpora. The three invited presentations for this Special Plenary Session will be given by:

Each presentation will be approximately 45-minutes, which will leave us room for discussion (and small breaks).

In the spirit of the focus of this Special Session, the LSRL43 organizers welcome abstract submissions for regular parallel session (20-minute) talks, which are on research based on Parsed Corpora in the Romance languages. Accepted submissions would be organized into a regular parallel session of talks on Thursday afternoon.