Registration is now open for the conference and the conference dinner. Link to registration

We strongly encourage you to register early. This is particularly necessary for the CONFERENCE DINNER (the chef, William Mattiello, needs to know in advance what to prepare!)


  • Student (undergraduate/graduate): $130
  • Non-student (post-docs, faculty, independent scholars): $190
  • Institutional/grant supported/corporate: $230


  • Student (undergraduate/graduate): $150
  • Non-student (post-docs, faculty, independent scholars): $220
  • Institutional/grant supported/corporate: $260



CONFERENCE DINNER: $65 (at: Via Emilia, on 21st Street between Broadway and Park Ave.)

MENU: the conference dinner menu (prepared by William Mattiello) will include:

  • “Open bar” (unlimited) wine of 4 types, from the Emilia region of Italy (a red, a white, a sparkling red, and a sparkling white)
  • Hors d’oeuvres (gnocco fritto: puffy fritters with prosciutto di parma, sopressata dolce, coppa, and mortadella)
  • Antipasto (choice of: carpaccio, or polpettine di melanzane, or insalata modenese)
  • Entree (choice of: modena-style lasagna, or ravioli di caprino, or gnocchi con verdure, or pollo alla griglia). All pastas are fresh home-made.
  • Dessert (both a lemon-lime panna cotta, and a torta barozzi con mascarpone)

On the actual Registration Page, you will be asked to pick from the items listed for the Antipasto and the Entree. Here is a more extensive description of these items:

ANTIPASTO (pick one):

  • Carpaccio (thin sliced raw tenderloin topped with grilled shiitake mushrooms, shaved parmesan, olive oil).
  • Polpettine di Melanzane (eggplant patties w/ goat cheese, arugula, chopped tomatoes, 5 yr old balsamic); VEGETARIAN.
  • Insalata Modenese (mixed greens, parmesan, 5 yr old balsamic); VEGETARIAN.

PASTE/SECONDI (pick one):

  • Lasagna (homemade Modena Style, with meat).
  • Ravioli di Caprino (homemade ravioli stuffed with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, tomato sauce, diced eggplant); VEGETARIAN.
  • Gnocchi con Verdure (homemade gnocchi with mixed vegetables in spicy olive oil and garlic); VEGETARIAN.
  • Pollo alla Griglia (grilled chicken topped w/ sautéed mix mushrooms served w/ roasted potatoes).